Anna Karenina Starring Chanel Jewelry


It seems jewelry companies have found a new marketing channel in period films.  Anna Karenina, a novel by Leo Tolstoy, had been made into a film yet again.  What distinguishes this remake from previous ones?  This one is starring Chanel Joaillerie (and Keira Knightly).  Chanel is no stranger to lending its jewelry for period pieces, having done so previously for Gosford Park and Vanity Fair; in Anna Karenina Chanel jewelry takes center stage once again.

Anna Karenina Starring Chanel Jewelry

Chanel Joaillerie, diamond necklace with a camellia motif

Anna Karenina Starring Chanel Jewelry

Chanel Joaillerie, pearl sautoir and earrings.

Choosing to use fine jewelry (as opposed to costume) for the film is not only a brilliant marketing tactic, it’s a very wise costuming decision as well.  Set in late 19th Century Russia, the film must convey an air of opulence and vanity (think champagne, caviar and oligarchs dripping in diamonds and fur) which is communicated very clearly through the use Chanel jewelry.  The only thing that raises my eyebrow a bit is the fact that the jewelry is not historically accurate, but director Joe Wright told WWD, “[he] liked idea of using anachronistic jewelry from another era, helping set the character apart from her entourage.”  Mmmm hmmm. . .

I suspect the world is craving a bit of opulence amidst all the austerity of late.  You can expect to see huge fur hats and dripping diamonds this holiday season–which all works very well for my aesthetic which can be summed up as, “the bigger the fur hat the smaller the bum!”

Big Kiss and Bigger Diamonds,



  1. My eyebrows remain raised. People back then were *not* interested in being anachronistic or standing out from the crowd, and how on earth would they know what ‘futuristic jewelry’ would even look like? (let alone where to procure it.) That’s just a lazy, bad decision on the part of the costuming director. Phooie. I don’t even like that necklace. I DO like that they are using real jewels however. One point for that.