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Swoonery, a New Way to Buy Designer Jewelry Online

Over the course of my career as a designer and jewelry industry professional working directly with clients I realized how difficult it is for people to buy designer jewelry online. If you do perform a Google search the results you get are depressing. Everything looks the same and generally, the quality of the pieces are all over the place. It’s hard to find fine jewelry that speaks to you and reflects your style.

Brick and mortar jewelry experiences are hardly any better. People walk into a jewelry store and the styles are outdated, the selection is limited and stores rarely have a full range of sizes because the cost of maintaining so much inventory is insanely high.

There are additional reasons that contribute to the difficulty of buying fine jewelry. Over 60% of fine jewelry purchases are gifts but because jewelry is such a personal expression, it’s really hard to choose jewelry for someone else. I am certain that during the course of your lifetime you’ve either received a piece of jewelry and pretended to like it so as not to hurt the giver’s feelings or bought a piece of jewelry for someone else and wondered why the recipient never wears it. In the case of engagement rings, how do you find someone’s ring size without blowing the surprise? Did you know that 95% of engagements are delayed because he doesn’t know your ring size? And here all along we thought it was a commitment issue! Poor guys!

As far as the brands and designers go, the jewelry industry is broken. The current system is inefficient, competitive and places all the financial risk on the designers. Most retailers operate on a consignment model which means the designers have to pay for all their materials up front and commit it to the retailer and they only get paid once the pieces sell. Many designers take out loans in order to fulfill consignment orders and then when pieces don’t sell the retailers return it to them and the designers are stuck with the excess inventory that they then have to sell at a discount–a practice that damages their brand equity. Add to that the financial burdens of marketing and advertising which designers have no choice but to take on in order to get their name out there and it is no wonder designers are struggling to survive. The truth is that smaller designers with unique products and attention to craftsmanship will never be able to compete with the budgets of the larger brands and retailers and as a result they cannot break through the noise and don’t end up connecting with the right consumers.

All this creates a downward spiral and results in consumers feeling frustrated with the generic selection of low quality jewelry flooding the internet and the overwhelming, inconvenient experience when one tries to buy designer jewelry online. In addition, the pressures from the industry forces designers to sell out by using cheaper materials and manufacturing processes in order to survive. The integrity and the human connection of fine jewelry is lost.

This is what inspired me to create Swoonery. It is the first luxury marketplace for designer fine jewelry that gets to know each individual and guides him or her through a shopping experience that adjusts for every interaction. We make it possible for customers to discover the perfect piece of jewelry for their aesthetic and makes the process of buying gifts for someone else easy by connecting you with your friends and allowing you to see what they’ve saved in their Hint Lists and what’s been recommended for them.

Ring sizes are stored in each customer’s account so whether you’re buying for yourself or for someone else, you now know the ring size. Swoonery offers all our designers’ rings in a comprehensive range of sizes and you even have the option of placing a special order if you need a special fit.

We help our designers gain exposure to customers they wouldn’t otherwise have access to by recommending products that are suited to the tastes of each individual and reduce the burden of inventory through our drop ship program.

Swoonery is my labor of love and I hope it opens up a beautiful world of unique, expertly crafted, fine jewelry for our customers and provides a support for all the visionary designers and brands out there to showcase the integrity of their work.

Swoonery, a New Way to Buy Designer Jewelry Online

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