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One Dress, 27 Looks: # 14 Orthopedic Kerfuffle


Morning my DMD darling!  Its official, we are halfway through with the JZP One Dress Test.  Oh my accessorized life!  I’m not sure what happened to me as a child but I’ve always had an aversion to over-the-top girliness.  I remember being stuffed into a frothy orange sherbet-colored number and being made to walk as a flower girl down the aisle with my crew cut early on in life and as a result, I’ve eschewed lace until. . . well, until last year.  I’m 31!  Sartorial scars run deep, what can I say.

No, I did not go to therapy to overcome my issues.  I am of the opinion that if anyone is going to mess with my head, it will be me, thank you very much!  Clearly my Jedi mind tricks worked as look #14 features lace, albeit with a weird sado-orthopedic back bracing device.  Battles not wars ladies, battles not wars.

Dress, Vivienne Westwood

Lace T-shirt, Madewell

Belt, Alexander McQueen

Necklace, J. Crew

Shoes, Stuart Weitzman

Lipstick, YSL Rouge Volupté in No. 11

One Dress, 27 Looks: # 14 Orthopedic Kerfuffle

One Dress, 27 Looks: # 14 Orthopedic Kerfuffle


Accessorizing well, in my opinion, is all about being unexpected but still tying everything together.  No one knows why it works but somehow it does.  All the lacy-frilly kerfuffle up top is grounded with my sado-orthopedic belt which would be totally random if not for the nude accents on the necklace and suddenly I’m not stomaching lace!  I still can’t get eat orange sherbet to this day though. . .

Big Kiss and Bigger Diamonds,


One Dress, 27 Looks: #9 Urban White


I love wearing white.  See, I knew the second I wrote that, a little ping would go off in your mind and suddenly you’re berated by your prejudices about the color.  Let me displace some common misconceptions.  No, white does not make you look fat.  In fact, I adore wearing white because it’s SO slimming.  No, you don’t have to limit white to the summer.  Only idiot sheep abide by the Memorial Day to Labor Day rule.  Rules are for p*ssies so go ahead and break a few.  Very important note about breaking the rules: IF YOU’RE GOING TO BREAK A RULE, DO IT INTENTIONALLY!  Do I wear navy and black together?  YES!  But I do it deliberately to snub my nose at “the establishment”.  Which establishment?  Who knows!  Mens rea is key to pulling it off.

Another fabulous thing about white, because it is the culmination of all colors in the rainbow spectrum, white matches everything!  Why do you think diamonds are so versatile?  Indeed.

Look #9:

Black Dress by Vivienne Westwood (Again. Get used to it.)

White Charade blazer from Madewell

Belt from Salvatore Ferragamo

Fedora from Borsalino

Shoes Diplille by Stuart Weitzman

Earrings Vintage Black Onyx Clip-ons

Red Acrylic and Crystal necklace from J.Crew

Coral, pearl and amber necklace from God only knows (please excuse my bouts of goldfish memory).

Lipstick YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres in No. 9 Rouge Laque


One Dress, 27 Looks: #9 Urban White

One Dress, 27 Looks: #9 Urban White

One Dress, 27 Looks: #9 Urban White


As far as jewelry is concerned, nearly everything goes with a white outfit.  I SWOON over  a POP of coral against neutrals but you could rock out with yellow gold, wood, glass, anything unexpected really.  Personally, I would advise steering clear of pearls and silver jewelry as it doesn’t lend enough contrast to POP against a neutral outfit and tends to look a bit matronly.  Anything predictable always looks matronly–so please, do me a favor and show “the establishment” what for!

Big Kiss and Bigger Diamonds,


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Travel: What Jewelry to Bring to an Urban Jungle


I’m leaving for Shanghai tomorrow and no, of course I haven’t started packing yet!  I usually start planning for any trip by making lists of things I want to bring and then waking up at the crack of dawn to place everything in a suitcase.  In light of my insane travel schedule, I thought it would be fun to pen a travel section.  In upcoming posts I’m going to cover what to bring to which destinations, how to pack the jewelry so it doesn’t get lost/stolen/broken, and what jewelry to buy while abroad!  GASP!  So fun!

Let us start today then shall we, with packing for an urban jungle. . .Shanghai.  Shanghai, for those of you who have never been is just like NYC except more colorful, more densely packed with people AND with better Chinese food!  When I’m in Shanghai my day ranges from meetings with clients (we don’t actually produce in China, all our jewelry is designed and made in NYC so my meetings in Asia are generally client development), marketing firms, yoga with my dear friend “Tang Tai Tai” (Jewish UES New Yorker who graduated Spence, had a career in law and is now a yoga teacher–go figure), drinks dinner drinks dinner dancing with my “Eddie” (best friend, if you follow AbFab, I’m Pats, she’s Eddie, you get the picture) and somewhere in there I inevitably find myself dressed to the nines, dangling off the back of a gypsy peasant motorcycle decked in diamonds and trying to keep my stilettos from getting caught in the wheels (I sit side-saddle as ANY lady would).  I will try to get a pic of that one.  So, there is a whole slew of situations for which I have to accessorize.  Lets begin with the necessary evils:

1) Diamond Stud earrings: These are my every day earrings, they are conservative and truly go with everything.  Heaven forbid I should leave the house without earrings!  These are for business meetings with service providers, marketing, branding, etc. etc. where I don’t want to be too flashy–people tend to overcharge you when you’re too flashy and we can’t have that!  These are on my ears, so not in the photo.

2) Pink Diamond Earring Jackets: to give the studs a little more oomph! in case I’m meeting with a client.  Never outshine a client but we are taste-makers and trend-setters so we must dress the part.

3) Pair of diamond statement earrings: elegant, slightly decadent for “work dinners” but not enough to get me mugged or kidnapped by the gypsy motorcycle driver.

4) Pair of Statement Designer Costume Earrings: Here the motto is GO BIG OR GO HOME!  For nights out with the girls, parties, dancing so you can have a proper rager without worrying about losing bajillion dollar earrings.  Slap these on and have at it!  The ones shown here with multicolored rhinestones and pearls are vintage Hobé.

5) I don’t tend to pack rings when I travel because rings are very particular to an outfit.  I just stick to my wedding band and my three J&A bubble rings in white, yellow and pink diamonds/gold which I stack if I want to be conservative or wear as knuckle dusters for a little more emphasis.  I would suggest, bring the rings you wear every day and stick to that.  Rings are also notoriously easy to lose on hotel room side tables if you’re not weary so save yourself the fuss.

6) Necklace: I go for two statement necklaces one gold and one silver the two shown here are both from J.Crew.  This will generally cover me for most situations and give any outfit that little extra.  I used to pack my Sent Murano glass necklaces but I decided it’s not worth risking breakage since mine is the old version with GIANT size glass bubbles which has been discontinued and the one sold now has significantly smaller bubbles.

7) Bracelets: I don’t think I can live without bracelets.  In my arsenal I always have by J&A Star bangles (19 of them), some sort of Hermes leather bracelet, I’ve been wearing my J&A 20k gold elephant charm necklace as a bracelet these days (his name is Moe my lucky elephant) so that’s on there, a white vintage Monet enamel bracelet and a new Murano glass bracelet from the Sent sisters.

Travel: What Jewelry to Bring to an Urban Jungle
My Shanghai Travel Arsenal. There's Moe, my elephant in the top left corner. He has diamond eyes.

Alright my DMD darlings.  I will be posting on the road with loads of pics from the Hai so until the next one. . .

Big Kiss and Bigger Diamonds,