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The Journey of Female Entrepreneurs

Around October of 2014 I decided to embark on a journey that would forever change my life. Up until that point I spent six years working as a corporate lawyer on venture capital, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions transactions in NYC and Shanghai; fell in love with startups and started investing in them in 2008; then left my career in law to help Jewelry Tyrant Daddy grow his high-end jewelry manufacturing business; started my own jewelry atelier; and was pretty much in a good place because I was learning, growing, and enjoying my work. However, I knew that I was just getting started. I loved working with clients to design bespoke jewelry that reflected each of their individual aesthetics and continued to try to grow my atelier but I kept seeing the same points of friction frustrating my clients in the jewelry buying process and the same inefficiencies were holding back my company from growing. So I committed to doing something about it. I decided to take everything I learned about technology, venture capital, investing in startups, and the vertical fine jewelry pipeline and build a startup that would solve both the problems that clients face when they are trying to buy jewelry and the inefficiencies that designers and brands are burdened with when trying to build and scale their jewelry businesses–I would build my own jewelry technology startup.

This blog has always been about baubles, bling, and banter and I grappled with whether or not I should expand its scope to include my life as a startup founder and female entrepreneur. Starting up a tech company for the first time is scary enough as it is and I have so very much to learn along the way. Not only do I have to come up with a solid concept for a business, I also have to build a team that has the necessary skill set to help me develop the product and build the business, figure out how to fund my startup, create a company culture that will allow my team to feel supported in order to actualize on their potential, manage my investors, put out fires (and boy will there will be fires…), live a well-rounded balanced life, and stay sane in the process. Most startups fail. Most never see the light of day. So this begs the question: Why the hell would I blog about my process of building a startup and risk failing publicly for all the world to see?

Everyone has been buzzing about female entrepreneurs these past few years. There have been countless articles on the rise of the female entrepreneur, debate over what Silicon Valley thinks of women (scroll down in the comments section of the Newsweek article to read my response–I was miffed), a growing movement around teaching women how to become entrepreneurs and how to invest, creation of resources for women founders to find funding, etc. But here is the thing, of all the resources out there and the success stories that are newly trickling in, I think there is value in a female founder putting herself out there and going through the process publicly so that other girls, women and even dudes can follow along; because as Chelsea Clinton said at the Lincoln Center Women in Philanthropy and Female Leadership Breakfast, “It is hard for us to envision what we cannot see.” So if my posts make it less scary for even one woman or girl somewhere out there to make the leap and start her own company, then whatever consequences I face as a result of undergoing this process publicly will have been worth it.

I intend to write as accurately as I can and as often as I can about the things I have to learn in order to build a tech startup and take it to launch and beyond, post links to resources that I have found helpful, hash out my decision-making processes, and be as honest as possible about the emotions and the ups and downs that I encounter along the way. This is not an arrogant attempt to show the world how it’s done. Let’s be honest, I have no idea how it’s done because I’ve never done it before and every day I encounter something new that I know nothing about and have to get up to speed ASAP. This is me, your ever-quirky and often ridiculous Bling Fairy going about my business and blogging about it so that others can witness the process. There will be times when I am wrong and there will be times that I’m killing it, but it is my hope that by writing about my experiences as I encounter them and doing it publicly not only will I learn from the process as I look back on it but someone else out there will find value in it too. So here we go…

Big Kiss and Bigger Diamonds,